Fully automatic single chamber cleaning system for PCBs, Hybrids, Misprints.


  • MixAssist® system – easy way of accurate mixing water with cleaning agent
  • Three tank system with three separate circuit function
  • Horizontal rotor system with CSR® (Cepter Spray Rotors)
  • Fully automatic process: cleaning – rinsing - drying
  • 100% closed circuit process – no water/waste water connection required
  • Software controll via 10,1'' touchscreen
  • 100% stainless steel design
  • Made in Slovenia


  • PCBs
  • Screens
  • Misprints

More info

Cepter ELEKTRON 250 HC is a compactly designed ultrafine cleaning system in a full stainless steel finish with integrated smart solutions to achieve high productivity and low operating costs. It is completely engineered and produced in Slovenia.

Process description:

Cepter ELEKTRON 250 HC is a fully automatic single chamber 2-step process cleaning system.

Cleaning/Rinsing process: cleaning and rinsing fluids are pumped from separate tanks to CSR® (Cepter Spray Rotors) with special nozzles. Rotor design ensures efficient cleaning of materials. Fluid circulates in 1st loop through filter system to remove contamination for rinsing process.

Drying process: thoroughly cleaned materials are then efficiently dried. This is achieved by a highly efficient combination of hot air ventilation system and high pressure compressor.

Standard equipment

-            Single chamber
-            3 tanks / 4 pumps
-            100% closed loop circuit
-            Horizontal CSR® (Cepter Spray Rotor)
-            10,1'' touchscreen
-            Coarse filter inside process chamber
-            Sediment filters inside fluid tanks
-            Fine 10'' filter in each circuits
-            Cartridge for deionized and demineralized water
-            Carbon filter
-            Cleaning fluid heater
-            Rinsing fluid heater
-            2 Air heaters
-            Electric safety door locker
-            Fluid leakage tray in stainless steel
-            Leakage warning system
-            Complete machine body in stainless steel

Optional equipment

-            Compressed air drying system in combination with CSR® (Cepter Spray Rotors) with special nozzles
-            FDS® (Fluid Drain System)
-            Conductivity measurement – pre-rinse circuit
-            Status light
-            Mechanical carrier frame

Technical specifications

Technical data
Chamber dimensions W 600 mm x D 700 mm x H 600 mm
Volume cleaning tank 50 l
Volume rinsing tank 35 l
Volume final rinsing tank 35 l
Exhaust connection Ø 100 mm
Power supply 400 V AC, 25A / 3 Ph / 50 Hz
Power consumption ca. 4,1 kW
Control system 10,1'' touchscreen
Temperature range cleaning adjustable up to 65°C
Temperature range rinsing adjustable up to 65°C
Temperature range drying adjustable up to 95°C
Filter system 3-stage: 1. coarse filter < 2 mm; 2. sediment filter inside fluid tanks; 3. fine filter 10'' (1 – 100 µm)
Conductivity range 0 – 300 µS/cm
Noise level < 70 dB
Dimensions W 1.000 mm x D 1.300 mm x H 1.750 mm
Weight 400 kg

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